As a forum for inspiration for the Balinese people, present in the midst of active business players and the creative economy, Bali Magazine as a medium that offers inspiration contains sources of figures who are influential in economic turnover and a source of inspiration for all people who read, both in Bali, Indonesia, and overseas. In the midst of a sluggish economy due to the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is hoped that it can provide a reflection to the public that everything that is creative and constructive can become the foundation of economic movement, with various fields of business and creativity.

One thing that is interesting is, where something that can be used as a container for creativity is filled with activities as a channel for hobbies or hobbies, which, if pursued more deeply, will benefit from a commercial perspective. With economic principles and knowing the market gap, what people want, that is what we provide, both goods and services, so surely no matter how bad the economic condition of a country is, it will be helped from the lowest level of society to the upper middle class.

Here, Bali Magazine, as the media that reviews it, chooses Adisign Architect to share the story of how to be a consultant for architectural planning that is still going well today. Starting with the story about the CEO or founder of Adisign Architect, from his childhood history, how he lived in a family and society, to some of the achievements made with works with a flag called Adisign Architect.

With inspiring stories and experiences, Adi Adisign revealed that the journey he has taken until now has not been easy and instantaneous. All went through a long and difficult process. Starting from his childhood who lived in a simple family, the treatment of his parents and upbringing, to a career path to success like now.

He also provides input and description to readers, namely never give up on your beautiful dreams, remember that the beautiful side must have a bad side, embrace both sides, live and interpret it as much as possible, undoubtedly the bad side will become a good friend and will not be willing. we let go to accompany that beautiful side. Problems are things that are not really a problem, because problems will arise and exist because our own minds judge it as a problem. Change our mindset on this matter, surely what we see a problem will look like a solution to improve the quality of our life in living the rest of our breath that is bestowed by God.

Adi Adisign, as CEO and principle architect at CV. Adisign Architect Indonesia, as a source of inspiration for the people of Bali and the world, whose stories and experiences were translated into print and online media by Bali Magazine on Tuesday, April 6, 2021 at the Adisign Architect office.