Banper Bekraf is a program of assistance from the Indonesian government that is provided in the form of goods and is stimulant to facilitate the revitalization of buildings / spaces / areas that function as creative spaces, creative space facilities, and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) by the Indonesian Creative Economy Agency. In this case, one of the programs of the president of the Republic of Indonesia, Ir. H. Joko Widodo is advancing Human Resources by accommodating all the creative ideas of young people and creating them into creative goods or services to be traded or promoted, especially for export, so that economic growth in Indonesia is increasingly developing.

In creating this creative platform, Adi Adisign was entrusted with designing the building from several creative space facilities that were selected to be revitalized by the central government. Located at the BUMN Jakarta Building on April 23rd, 2019, there are selected creative space facilities in Jakarta and Bandung, and are planned for all of Indonesia.