The architectural exhibition held through social media, namely Instagram, in collaboration with the Indonesian Architects Association, displays several works from professional architects with various typologies of their work, and displays good architectural art. Adisign Architect here displays his work, namely a private residence with the name Casa Nambi, which in the facade of the building carries a minimalist industrialist architectural theme.

A little review about the work displayed is that Casa Nambi is a house with an urban living concept where the owner wants a comfortable, safe and healthy quality of life, improving the impression of urban housing in general. Wrapped in tropical minimalist touch and industrial style adds to the impression of recreation but remains elegant with a large optimized green open space on a relatively small land for a house with a spacious impression.

Adisign Architect deliberately displays the work of this residential house, with the intention of giving emphasis to the existing details, that to display major works with any building function, good and planned details, which are connected to all items in the building starting with scope the smallest and most complex is the residence. The following is the link for the exhibition of Adisign Architect's work: